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Ampoule Inspection

Thebe Ampoule Inspection | Glass particle

VIMEC has multiple ampoule inspection systems (Thebe | Metis) for full and complete ampoule inspection. The inspection system is delivered as a 'turn-key' solution and can be integrated onto most production lines (e.g. MM · Ariste · Kyp · Ghiver · etc >>).

Visual inspection applications used for ampoules inspection include: Thebe (dimensional and OPC (One Point Cut)) & Metis (Print inspection and verification).

Typical inspection for the geometric aspects of the ampoules includes measurements such as: Diameter (body | stem at closing height | constriction) · Length (total | body) · Base angle & radius · OPC (ring completeness | Punt roundness | Point to cut eccentricity) · Cut (length | width).

Typical inspection for the print inspection of ampoules includes: Missing expiry date | Damaged batch numbers | Missing letters | Smeared print | Lack of print.

Thebe | Dimensional & OPC

Thebe Ampoule Inspection

Ampoule inspection machines | OPC inspectionThebe ampoule inspection system is used for dimensional and OPC (One point Cut) aspects of ampoules. An area scan is used for the accurate measurement of geometric aspects as well as the typical OPC parameters,. This also includes the measurement of the | color break ring | color code rings | satellites next to the rings | gap in Point | Misshaped point. For very accurate and dedicated OPC inspection another dedicated camera is used. This camera is placed at an angle to detect any gaps and holes in the rings. This camera is also used for very accurate inspection of the dot and cut. Additional satellites are also detected with this camera.

Metis | Print inspection & Verification

Metis | Print inspection and verification

Ampoule Printing Inspection | MetisMetis ampoule inspection system, is a print inspection and verification inspection unit that checks print on pharmaceutical packaging. Typical defects for print include |missing batch codes |missing expiry dates |print,smeared print |missing letters, etc.
A reference image is used to compare and check the print of the production. Deviations to the reference image are detected and may lead to rejection. The system is able to compensate for production variation as this should not be considered print defects (same settings can be used during production of several batches).

 Printing overview

Some examples of print on pharmaceutical containers are included below. Actual print defects are included.

Print inspection & Defects

Crack detection

Crack in pharmaceutical containerCrack detection by area scan and line scan cameras using bright field / dark field illumination. Read more...

Print defects

Print defect on pharmaceutical containerPrint inspection includes detection of missing letters, numbers, expiry dates etc. Read more...


Training (in France)VIMEC provides in depth training to support full operation of the vision systems and the use of the statistical measurement data.

Process control (HE)

Vial process control HE

The PAN inspection system is used for vial process control. Read more...

Inspection technology

Machine vision | Camera vision

Inspection technology by VIMEC gives superior inspection.

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