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Leading in Glass Inspection & Monitoring Solutions

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Technical glass

Dimensional inspection: 3 bulbs per second

Sprinkler bulbs are inspected with production speeds up to three (3) bulbs per second. As the bulbs are fitted into a sprinkler head they need to meet stringent dimensional criteria and each bulbs is checked on: • body diameter • shoulder height • total height • bottom height • eccentricity shoulder • fixed shoulder diameter • fixed sunk/bulge position bottom>>.

The inspection system [Castor] uses flash LED lighting and high speed inspection cameras. Multiple viewing angles create a 360 degree view of the complete bulbs providing full dimensional measurement information. Using a 360 degrees view also contributes to the high accuracy achived with this inspection system.


Bubble inspection: 3 products per second

This application has been designed to measure air bubble inside a liquid with a speed of up to three (3) products per second (thanks to our customer for pointing out the correct speed).

Due to vibration and possibly other factors the air bubble may be split into several smaller bubbles. The software will recognize this and adds all (small) bubbles together. The sum of all bubbles is presented as a measurement result.

Inspection technology

Machine vision | Camera vision

Inspection technology by VIMEC gives superior inspection.

Print defects

Print defect on pharmaceutical containerPrint inspection includes detection of missing letters, numbers, expiry dates etc. Read more...


Training (in France)VIMEC provides in depth training to support full operation of the vision systems and the use of the statistical measurement data.

Crack detection

Crack in pharmaceutical containerCrack detection by area scan and line scan cameras using bright field / dark field illumination. Read more...

Process control (HE)

Vial process control HE

The PAN inspection system is used for vial process control. Read more...

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