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Leading in Glass Inspection & Monitoring Solutions

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Tubing inspection

Tube inspection

Glass tube / Tubing defect

Tubing glass is converted into products such as pharmaceutical containers. They must be defect free meeting stringent dimensional aspects.

Dimensional inspection is mainly focused on aspects such as • outer diameter • wall thickness • length • inner diameter >>.

Cosmetic defects include typically • airlines • seeds • scratches • cracks • fissures • dust rings • faulty tubing ends >>.

To ensure only good tubes are packed accurate cosmetic inspection is normally performed on the end of the production line. Dimensional inspection is performed at multiple locations; during forming and at the end of the line.

Cold end inspection

VIMEC inspection system (Hyperion) consists of two (2) inspection stages. The first stage performs tube end inspection, mainly for dimensional and typical cosmetic aspects. The second stage performs accurate cosmetic inspection on the full tube with increased resolution on the tube ends. The tubes are rotated during inspection to ensure the full product is inspected.

Crack detection

Crack in pharmaceutical containerCrack detection by area scan and line scan cameras using bright field / dark field illumination. Read more...

Print defects

Print defect on pharmaceutical containerPrint inspection includes detection of missing letters, numbers, expiry dates etc. Read more...

Inspection technology

Machine vision | Camera vision

Inspection technology by VIMEC gives superior inspection.

Process control (HE)

Vial process control HE

The PAN inspection system is used for vial process control. Read more...


Training (in France)VIMEC provides in depth training to support full operation of the vision systems and the use of the statistical measurement data.

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