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Dimensional inspection

Dimensional inspection

Dimensional inspection is performed on geometrical aspects of products. This includes a long list of measurements including length, height, diameter, radius, depth, incision, >> measurements. Usually the product is illuminated using back light (bright field) illumination making the edges of the product clearly visible.

For full inspection the products are normally rotated. This requires dedicated and stable handling of the products as misalignment or vibration may cause incorrect measurements. Inspection without rotation is also performed. In some cases rotation is not an option due to production speed, product shapes, production process etc. In these cases multiple image views can be used to get a full view (360 degrees) of the product.

Vision camera technology

Vision camera

Some products need dedicated measurements such as OPC (One Point Cut) measurement for ampoules. The cut, point and rings need to be measured accurately but this requires special lighting and a dedicated camera view. With a regular view the foreground and background of the rings may overlap leading to incorrect measurements (for minimum values).

Also gaps, holes and satellites may not been seen with a “regular” view. For other products additional viewing angles may be needed to see all aspects.

For correct Inner Diameter (I.D, flange ID, vial ID, >> a perpendicular view may be needed. This can be completed by a telecentric lens. Also customized views have been realized where the system looks inside the products.

General overview


Dimensional inspection 

Print defects

Print defect on pharmaceutical containerPrint inspection includes detection of missing letters, numbers, expiry dates etc. Read more...

Process control (HE)

Vial process control HE

The PAN inspection system is used for vial process control. Read more...


Training (in France)VIMEC provides in depth training to support full operation of the vision systems and the use of the statistical measurement data.

Inspection technology

Machine vision | Camera vision

Inspection technology by VIMEC gives superior inspection.

Crack detection

Crack in pharmaceutical containerCrack detection by area scan and line scan cameras using bright field / dark field illumination. Read more...

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